Re: Nautilus, metadata and extendet attributes

El mié, 04-02-2004 a las 04:30, Olaf Frączyk escribió:

> The use of "not educated enough" was ironic :)
> Yes, I agree that user shouldn't need to have master degree from
> computer sciences to be able to play with computers. But on the other
> hand, he cannot behave as a monkey.
> Please tell me: if for every 10 packages delivered by post 1 would be a
> bomb, would you open a suspicious package delivered to you? Would you
> need to be "educated" for not doing it? 

We agree on most things here.  Now, the e-mail virus versus bomb analogy
is understood by me (please correct me if I'm wrong).  But the fact that
this email virus thing exists is solely due to the computers not being
robust enough.  Unlike real mailbombs, e-mailbombs exploit
vulnerabilities on the destination computer.  And most emailbombs use
e-mails that are real but forged, so it's easy to trick users.  We're
striving to get tricked users unharmed, and not only this is an
attainable goal, it's our moral responsibility to get there, just
because we can.

> The same applies for opening e-mails. Have you heard that about 25% of
> computers are infected with MyDoom A/B?
> And it really needs stupidity to get infected by this virus.
> 1. You need to open mail - OK why not?
> 2. You need to open .zip in email which looks suspicious
> 3. You need to run file from this zip.
> This is like praying for troubles. This is like taking knife in kitchen
> putting it into own eyes and screaming that you are going to sue the
> knife-producer because you are blind.

Yes.  But we have the power to defuse the knives' malicious use.  And we
have the responsibility to do so.

> You really think that you are able to protect computer if average user
> is like the above? No matter if it is Linux, Windows, anything else. 
> I think that without blocking of opening attachments you can't. And
> more.

Look, we see eye on eye on this issue and I agree that most computer
users are, if you will, less educated.  I agree with you on this. 
Nevertheless, the point is not to educate them.  The point is to write
robust software so uneducated users don't get a chance to shoot
themselves in the foot.

> I'm sorry for this e-mail. This is the last. I just couldn't resist :)
> Regards,
> Olaf 
	Manuel Amador (Rudd-O)
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