Re: [PATCH] Frame large images with a small file size.

Alexander Larsson wrote:
On Mon, 2004-11-29 at 22:28 +0100, Jaap Haitsma wrote:


This has to do with one of my previous mails:
"[PATCH]Images of the same size are displayed with a different size in
the preview" (bug )

If that patch get accepted we also might add a frame to the images that
get displayed at the size of a thumbnail. The attached patch does this

Screenshot before patch:
Screenshot after patch:

The patch is attached.

I applied all the patches. Thanks a lot.

I have one further request. Using image-as-itself-with-frame does make
large icons in /usr/share/pixmap look a bit weird. Could you perhaps
check if the icon has an alpha buffer, and if it does, don't use the
frame, as its likely to not be rectangular then.

Good point! I'll look into this.

Also, another thing related to this. I've gotten requests for using the
image as itself when scaling images with thumbnails so that they are
larger than 128x128. I.E. use thumbnail when smaller, but read full file
and scale down when its made large.

I'm afraid I do not understand you :-(. Can you try explaining it another time?

When making this patch I noticed that thumbnails that get stored in the
.thumbnail directory actually have a size of 128 and have a frame
included. (NOTE when I'm referring to size of an image it is the maximum
of the horizontal and the vertical size). If the zoom level is set to
"Normal Size" thumbnails have a size of 96 and one zoom level higher
they have a size of 144.

The size of the thumbnails is specified by the icon theme specification
at and is used by other apps too. I don't think we can
change it like that.

Pity that most of the applications (I know of nautilus, eog and gthumb) seem to scale them down to 96 and therefore a lot of CPU time is wasted :-(

On another note. The thumbnail size in pixels is not specified in gnome-thumbnail.h. Therefore Nautilus hardcodes 128 in it's code. (IMO A bit ugly)

Wouldn't it be better to do in gnome-thumbnail.h

typedef enum {
} GnomeThumbnailSize;

instead of

typedef enum {
} GnomeThumbnailSize;

Then nautilus can just use the enum to do the calculations for thumbnail sizes.


BTW is the large thumbnail size used in the GNOME desktop?

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