Pure treeview

Now that I've put most of my Folders into position, they don't
seem to jump around anymore, I have to say I start to like spatial
Nautilus. In fact, I'm considering moving away from Konqueror
because Nautilus is focused, looks and feels better.
But the browser mode feels not right anymore. I think for a bit
more consistency and better aesthetics the browser mode should
be like old Mac OS Finder, treeview with folders _and_ files
in one place.
The user can work with / understand the hierarchy better than
with per folder windows, but there would be no additional 
abstraction. Having one view showing only folders, another on 
showing folders and files is not very logical (if one thinks 
otherwise it's only because of being used to it).
I know Nautilus allows files to be shown in treeview, but that
doesn't make sense with the additional view to the side.
A screenshot of the old Finder in it's list mode or whatever it
was called:
Thorsten Wilms

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