Re: Custom file associations priority bug?

On Fri, 2004-04-09 at 02:47, Fabio Gomes wrote:
> Hello friends,
> In our company, we have some *.ssh files. We invented this file type to
> create SSH connection descriptors so that we could access our dozens of
> servers by double-clicking icons on Nautilus. This idea of using the
> file manager as a GUI for non-gui programs is well-known and used in the
> Microsoft world.
> Our .ssh files are simple Bash script snippets that define variables,
> much like those /etc/sysconfig/* files from Red Hat. We have a "gs2ssh"
> script that interprets these .ssh files and opens a terminal with ssh
> according to the parameters.
> And here is the problem:
> In nautilus 2.4, we simply associated files with the .ssh extension with
> our gs2ssh script and everything worked fine.
> Now, using Nautilus 2.6, the files are always detected as text/plain.
> I created another empty test user account to check if there was some
> problem with my old GNOME 2.4 settings.
> Then I opened the File Types and Programs capplet and created my SSH
> file type application/x-gs2ssh, but Nautilus still ignores it and
> detects the *.ssh files as plain text.
> Trying to prevent the file from being detected as plain/text, I created
> a new empty (0-byte) file with the .ssh extension. Nautilus detects it
> as application/octet-stream.
> Are the user-defined file types being completely ignored in favor of
> fd.o shared-mime-data?
> Is there something I can do to solve this other than downgrading to
> GNOME 2.4? 

The main problem is that the control center mime capplets are creating
new mimetypes using the old system, instead of according to the new
freedesktop mimetype spec. The new spec version is the only one used
though, so adding mimetypes doesn't work. :(

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