Re: Spatial settings and symbolic links

On Sat, 2004-04-10 at 04:54, Fabio Gomes wrote:
> Dear friends,
> I've recently switched to GNOME 2.6 and was playing with Nautilus'
> spatial features when I found the following misbehavior:
> If you reach the same folder though different ways (ie. symbolic links),
> Nautilus treats them as different folders: more than one window at the
> same time, distinct settings (background, icon organization, window
> position), etc.
> For example: 
> [fabiofb hermes fabiofb]$ pwd
> /home/fabiofb
> [fabiofb hermes fabiofb]$ ls -l
> lrwxrwxrwx    1 fabiofb  fabiofb        11 2003-12-24 13:41 GS2 ->
> /public/gs2
> [fabiofb hermes fabiofb]$ cd Desktop
> [fabiofb hermes Desktop]$ ls -l
> lrwxrwxrwx    1 fabiofb  fabiofb        11 2003-12-24 13:39 GS2 ->
> /public/gs2

This is due to a much discussed change that we did recently about the
behaviour of symbolic links on activation. During the cause of nautilus
history this behaviour has already changed several times. However, the
final decision was to not expand symlinks on activation, since these
often are used to hide implementation details like what 

However, since the "shortcut style" behaviour is very useful we intend
to introduce that in nautilus too, using desktop file links.

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