Re: gnome desktop hangs, nfs, trash can

On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 09:04:08PM +0200, Calin Tenitchi wrote:
> Are there any known problems with Gnome hanging when NFS acts up?

I use GNOME on an all NFS site and I've had no problems.

> Are there any known work-arounds, any ways to minimize the impact of NFS 
> failure?

What does your /var/log/messages say?  Is there a lot of
timeouts? (eg NFS server xxx not responding?)  You might consider
changing your mount timeo parameter to something smaller.

> Is there a way to turn of the trashcan in Gnome for remote file systems?

There is none that I know of.  You shouldn't need to really.

> These are all minor problems but users find them annoying.
> Thanks in advance for any support.


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