Re: [PATCH] Proper Launcher Editing

On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 23:15, Christian Neumair wrote:
> The fact that Nautilus wasn't smart about modifying or creating
> launchers always heavily bugged me. Therefore I've put up a nifty patch
> that seems to resolve some bugzilla entries :).
> It allows the user to create launchers whereever he wants (provided that
> this directory allows it) and edit existing ones.
> Feedback welcome!

I don't like this solution. While it may let you and me edit a launcher,
I don't think it actually solves the problem for most "normal" users.
The UI of gnome-desktop-item-edit (used for create launcher) is some
horrible bastardization of a key-value editor that you have to read the
desktop file spec to understand.

Desktop file editing should be integrated into nautilus at a much more
fundamental level. First of all, it needs to be split up into launchers
and desktop links ("shortcuts"). Shortcuts should be integrated into the
file manager much like we currently support symbolic links, never ever
exposing the actual key-value fields. For the launchers we should do the
basic editing (icon and name) using the normal way you change icon/name
in nautilus, and add a property page with the actual launcher settings
(commandline and needs-terminal should be all thats needed).

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