Re: [PATCH] for #126979 in bugzilla

I committed this to HEAD and gnome-2-4, you can go ahead and close the


On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 20:20, Sivaiah Nallagatla wrote:
> When i invoke nautilus smb: command natilus window comes up with some
> workgroups listed in it. When i selected listview workgruops are
> displayed as list with Date modified as "Unknown". When i clicked on
> Date modified tab nautilus crashes. 
> in libnatilus-private/nautilus-file.c->
> compare_by_modification_time function, even when getting modification
> time of the passed in files is failed, the times are comapared. Since
> the times are not initialied , depending upon the garbage values present
> in them  that function returns result +1 causing above assertion
> failure.
> attached patch solves this problem by adding one more if condition to
> that function. Initializing time variables to zero solves the problem,
> but i thought adding if condtion makes it  more readable.
> Sorry for the long explanation.
> Thanks,
> Sivaiah

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