Re: FTP performance (was Re: Performance)

Alexander Larsson wrote:
We don't do mimetype sniffing on ftp, or remote directories in general.
I know that the ftp support sucks, but i don't think thats due to
general nautilus issues really, just that nobody is working on the ftp
gnome-vfs backend.

I have worked on it a bit. With nautilus I saw that operations get cancelled a lot of times and this means login again and again, which makes it slow and produce more traffic than needed. I told Christophe I will look at it, it is just that I'm low on time at the moment.

This might be better in 2.4.1, which doesn't render anything before all
the directory has been read.

Does the window appears if I do: "nautilus"; ? I have seen nautilus waiting to show the window until the cdrom spins up. In my opinion the window should be presented to the user as soon as it constructed and don't wait for devices / directory listings.

The second is : why all this net traffic before beginning a ftp download ?
No idea. Do you want to work on the gnome-vfs ftp backend to figure out
why and fix it? We need people to work on it.

Basically gnome-vfs ftp module tries to get a valid connection from the pool. It tries a CWD to see if it is valid, then nautilus tries listing the dir and for some reason (more debug needed here) the call is cancelled, so all the trafic is wasted and it tries again, this time a new connection (login, cwd, listing) is made. This is not a lot of traffic but it is really slow.

I'll look at the cancellation problem since it seems the cause of the slow ftp problem in nautilus.

See you.

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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