Double-click feedback (was: Startup notification sutff)

No comments on this? This IMHO is a serious usability issue. :-(

Fabio Gomes de Souza wrote:
Dear friends,

I have posted a comment on bug #107544 (regarding startup notification), but later I noticed that it is already marked as closed, so I decided to post here so see everyone's opinion.

The bug in question regards and fixes the lack of startup notification support in nautilus.

But the problem itself is that users (including me) often don't know if they double-clicked an icon correctly because nautilus still lacks UI feedback about this. So the user ends up double-clicking again and again and thus opening multiple items.

Acorrding to bug #107544, startup notification in nautilus only works for applications that support the API and claim for support on the application registry. So, this does not solve the entire problem mentioned above. Just on some cases.

Currently, nautilus does not provide proper feedback when you open things through the directory views. Not even when opening new nautilus windows.

The gnome panel has a solution for the same problem: it shows a zoom animation from the icon to the screen to tell users that they have started something, regardless of startup-notification support. I think the same animation could be added to nautilus without problems. This would improve the user experience a lot.

Some rules would be needed for the animation. For example, double-clicking things that will be displayed on the same window (ie subdirectories, viewing files with embbeded views, etc) should not fire the animation. Actually, as far as I can think, the animation should be fired only when:
    - Running programs
        * through file associations
        * through application launchers
    - Opening new nautilus windows
        * double-clicking folders on the desktop
        * using the 'Open in new window' command

    What do you guys think about such a feature?

    Thanks for your attention,

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