Re: FTP performance (was Re: Performance)

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 13:23, Bertrand wrote:
> Alexander Larson wrote:

> >My guess is that konqueror is faster in this example because it matches
> >mime types for mp3 by extension, instead of sniffing. I prefer getting
> >correct results over speed though.
> Of course you can wait on local directories. But over ftp ? nfs ?
> Here and now, nautilus (2.4.0) is just unusable to transfer files via ftp from  
> directories with thousands of files (example : rpms repositories) : it takes  
> too much times to render the content of the directory, then too much time to  
> begin the download of the file you select. In the latter case, I've got here  
> more than a minute of huge processor activity sessions alternating with huge  
> net activity sessions, before the real download of the file begins.

We don't do mimetype sniffing on ftp, or remote directories in general.
I know that the ftp support sucks, but i don't think thats due to
general nautilus issues really, just that nobody is working on the ftp
gnome-vfs backend.

> I think there is at least one problem for rendering ftp directories : nautilus  
> seems to rerender the icon view each time another file is added to the  
> directory content during its listing via ftp (you can see that the icon appear  
> one to one). It's specially long with the list view and the icon wiew, when  
> you deselect the "remember icon position" option.
> But even when a nautilus window is set to remember the icons positions, it's  
> still very long to render it.

This might be better in 2.4.1, which doesn't render anything before all
the directory has been read.

> The second is : why all this net traffic before beginning a ftp download ?

No idea. Do you want to work on the gnome-vfs ftp backend to figure out
why and fix it? We need people to work on it.

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