Re: "Keep Aligned" mode in nautilus

<quote who="Dave Camp">

> > > > I guarantee the next round of requests will be for "clean up without
> > > > sorting"... ;-)
> > > 
> > > What do you mean exactly?  Clean Up like the current Clean Up By Name,
> > > that puts everything in rows?  Or something that snaps a non-gridded
> > > desktop to a grid?
> > 
> > The latter.
> Switching to Keep Aligned mode should do this (although it's not perfect
> yet).

But as an action, rather than as a... er... reaction. ;-) ie. "clean up",
rather than "clean up by name" (which also sorts), as a menu action, not as
something that happens when you move files around.

> > In compact mode, almost all of my icon labels wrap, so it wouldn't bother
> > me. ;-) Is that one of the things you think is ugly?
> Yeah :).
> shows the icon container with these changes.

Looks cool, and tempting for a compact mode crackhead like me. :-)

- Jeff

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