Re: Can't open trash://

On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 06:09, Dennis Cranston wrote:
> Hi all,
> Well, I have managed to screw up nautilus a little bit, and I cannot open trash:// anymore.  If I
> double click on the Trash icon, nautilus displays the error dialog, "The Media view encountered an
> error while starting up.".  So, I have managed to associate trash:// with the media viewer.  
> Instead I would like is to open trash:// with the 'View as Icon' or 'View as List' viewer, but I
> cannot figure out how to accomplish this.  When I right click on the trash and select 'Open with a
> viewer' there is only one available viewer ... the 'View as Media' viewer.  And, going to the
> control center and editing the file type hasn't solved the problem either.  :-(
> Is there a file I can modify or delete to fix this?   

This is an unfortunate problem with out current setup. If you manage to
get a screwed up view for a directory there is no way to set it back. We
should probably be falling back to a well-known view. 

A quick fix is to remove $home/.nautilus/metafiles/trash\:.xml

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