Re: Nautilus desktop icons and metacity

Just to set things clear from the start, I agree with D. D. and would
also like Nautilus to put icons on the right by default.  I've never
cared quite enought to raise the issue myself, but I'll pipe in since
somebody else has raised it.

On Sun, 2003-06-01 at 14:05, Petri Kanerva wrote:
> 90% of the windows I use, I use them maximized, so the desktop is almost
> always covered. So I'm used to use a keybinding to make the desktop
> visible when I need it. Other way is to leave one workspace without any
> windows. Just go to that workspace and you'll see all icons on the
> desktop. In both cases it's not so hard.

If you want to use all of your windows maximized, fine.  Most Windows
users work like this, because Windows' interface pretty much forces it
on you.  I've never met a Mac user who works like this.  I don't really
understand why you used all your windows maximized, unless they're just
unusable at smaller sizes.  I mean, what is the point of a windowing
system if all your windows are maximized?

I like having multiple windows viewable on my screen at once.  I think
multitasking is a much more meaningful term when you do this.  Go ahead,
tell me to use a Mac.

> And after reading your reply to Steve Homers mail, it just seems that
> you want Gnome to behave just like OSX. Hmm, so, why not get a mac and
> use OSX if that's the functionality you want.

Frankly, I'm sick of these kind of responses.  I mean, since you like to
have your windows maximized, it just seems that you want Gnome to behave
just like Windows.  See how easily I reversed that?

This kind of argument is unproductive and insulting.  Liking how Mac
does a particular thing does not imply wanting to emulate Mac.  If we
were to remove everything from Gnome that originated on Mac, what would
we be left with?


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