Re: [Proposal] Remove some stuff from Application menu

Il sab, 2003-06-28 alle 21:23, Mark Finlay ha scritto:
> This is all stuff that has been discussed alot in bugzilla
> (there is a menu tidyup metabug in the panel bugzilla somewhere)
> and it's not likely to be sorted out until 2.5, also it includes
> tidying up the cc and integrating the gst.

Whoa, I don't know about it. Just I never see anything on devel list,

> So I'm only going to briefly reply to each point
> > **Home Folder**
> >       * Motivations: it's not an application, and (in default
> >         configuration) you can access it via the icon on desktop AND
> >         launcher on top panel (that should be removed too, IMHO)
> >       * Action: remove it or move in Accessories category as "File
> >         Manager", using recently added icon in gnome-icon-theme
> I think it's important to have avaliable from the menus - just not
> from the applications menu. I was thinking that it would be useful
> to improve the nautilus go menu and add it to the menu panel like
> this:

IMHO a XD2 like approach can be more simple. I don't think ad a Go menu
on panel is a good idea. I like something like:
     1. rename "$USER Home" icon on desktop as "Personal Files" (do we
        need to expose the home concept to all users?)
     2. add a "Resources" icon on desktop and a resources:// URI (A
        simple and neat way to access to not personal or virtual stuff)
     3. Put "Network", "CD Creator", "Printers", "Application",
        "Preferences" in resources://

> Go ->
>         Location
>         ----------------------------
>         Home Folder
>         Network
>         Cd Creator
>         Fonts
>         Printers
>         -----------------------------
>         Floppy Drive
>         Dvd Drive
>         Cdrom Drive
>         Digital Camera
>         -----------------------------
>         Trash

The Go menu in nautilus should be rearranged, sometimes. 
What about

Go ->
      Home				(or Personal Files too?)
                -> Applications
                   CD Creator

to fit proposed desktop changes?

> > **KDE Menu**
> >       * Motivations: I don't think it's a very HIG entry. Besides KDE
> >         should not have a "GNOME Menu" :-)
> >       * Actions: move in "Others" category?
> Needs to be properly merged - hopefully this will be accomplished by the
> new menu spec from

Merge them? So, i.e., you can have in Internet menu konqueror near ephy
as in Mandrake menus? I dislike it.

3 reasons: 1) KDE has tons of applications, so menus will grow as an
african elephant. 2) apps duplication makes life more difficult[1] 3) it
makes simpler 'break desktop coherence'.

> > Any news about Desktop Preferences? What about add a "Change
> > Preferences..." entry in Action menu? 
> Bugzilla discussion still ongoing. One idea is to rename Actions
> to Desktop and then have Desktop->Preferences

I prefer Action. Only 'cause I hope to see a "Send and Receive Mail"
item here, sometime :-) 

[1] My mum has a lot of troubles whit Mandrake menus: occasionally she
needs to write something, she can distinguish the Office -> Word
Processor menu as the right one, but here she find 5 entries (OOo
Writer, OOo Formula, Kword, Kformula, Karbon14). So she needs to stay
and remember my suggestion about OOo Writer.

Having a simple 

Application ->
               Office ->
                         Word processor
                         Finance Manager
                         Project Manager

it's really better IMHO

Think bigger

			My uncle

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