Re: [Proposal] Remove some stuff from Application menu

On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, Luca Ferretti wrote:

> IMHO a XD2 like approach can be more simple. I don't think ad a Go menu
> on panel is a good idea. I like something like:
>      1. rename "$USER Home" icon on desktop as "Personal Files" (do we
>         need to expose the home concept to all users?)

Yes! Yes! Yes! That would be SO much easier from an l10n standpoint. And
get rid of the home icon while we're at it. :)

> Merge them? So, i.e., you can have in Internet menu konqueror near ephy
> as in Mandrake menus? I dislike it.
> 3 reasons: 1) KDE has tons of applications, so menus will grow as an
> african elephant. 2) apps duplication makes life more difficult[1] 3) it
> makes simpler 'break desktop coherence'.

Do merge them, but provide a task-oriented menu next to it with only the
"preferred" applications for various tasks. The merits of task oriented
menus have been discussed before on some list, I suppose it was usability.

> Writer, OOo Formula, Kword, Kformula, Karbon14). So she needs to stay
> and remember my suggestion about OOo Writer.

So right-click Writer and put a launcher on the panel? That's how I set up
*my* mothers' PC.

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