Re: [Proposal] Remove some stuff from Application menu

Il dom, 2003-06-29 alle 17:08, John Kodis ha scritto:
> On Sat, Jun 28, 2003 at 03:15:01PM +0200, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> > I think we can [re]move following entries from application menu[1] (note
> > that they are not applications or break some HIG suggestion)
> > 
> > **Home Folder**
> >       * Motivations: it's not an application, and (in default
> >         configuration) you can access it via the icon on desktop AND
> >         launcher on top panel (that should be removed too, IMHO)
> I'd argue against this change.  
> There are folks like me who don't have Nautilus drawing its icons on
> my desktop, but who would still occasionally like to be able to use a
> file manager without having to run Nautilus from an xterm.
> I find myself using the Home Folder menu quite regularly, and would be
> disappointed to see it go.  On the other hand, if you just rename the
> menu entry to something that *is* an application, like "Nautilus File
> Manager", that would be fine.

So I suggest to move in Accessories category as "File Manager"; yes,
remove definitively was a bad idea. If you need a more quick access you
can add a launcher to panel from here.

But I don't think that keep it in current place is good, it's better
make stuff categorized and minimize items in menu. Plus, if you use the
default setup it's annoying (you can access to home via desktop icon).

Think bigger

			My uncle

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