RFE: External access to file properties

I think it would well serve GNOME integration to have a way to access the
Nautilus file properties window from outside of the Nautilus UI; for example,
by using the File->Properties menu item in an application. It would be better
still if a particular page could be opened to make more direct use of the
new page adding functions.

I don't know what the best way to do this is, but I've one idea. Nautilus
could accept a command line option (say, "--properties") which would cause
to open the property window for the file specified on the command line.
Perhaps another option (say, "--property-page=PAGENAME") could specify
the page.  I'm suggesting these for use from within programs, not to
encourage command shell use.

It occured to me that I should check what Nautilus does when a regular file
is specified on the command line. Unfortunately it opens a Nautilus view
instead of doing as it would do had I double-clicked the file icon - or it
does nothing.

Greg Merchan

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