Re: nautilus newbie question

On Thu, 2003-01-23 at 09:02, Paul O'Donnell wrote:
> Hi All,
Hi Paul,

> I am new to the list and new to Linux. I am very confused about
> Nautilus. I am trying to use Nautilus as a web browser, but it doesn't
> look like a web browser to me. It looks like a file manager. In the Red
> Hat "Getting Started Guide" there is a screen shot, but this Nautilus
> does not look anything like mine. There is no "Browse Web" button as the
> guide says there is. Does Nautilus have to be invoked with a command
> line parameter to make it a web browser? 
> Any help is appreciated. 

This kind of depends on what version of RedHat you are using (and in
turn what version of Nautilus. To check the nautilus version go to Help
Menu and choose about).

When Nautilus was first released by it's original authors, Eazel. It was
intended to be a super-doper do everything filemanager. It had the
ability be used as a simple web-browser which Eazel where depending on
as a way for users to access their site easily and buy their on-line
services. Unfortunately Eazel somehow managed to spend all of their
Venture Capital money rather quickly and closed it's doors. The Gnome
community have since taken up the reigns and made Nautilus a very fast a
usable file manager by stripping down on excess features.

Nautilus can still be used as a simple web-browser, depending on what
version you have you may need some extra packages installed. Recent
versions of RedHat have Mozilla as their default web browser.

Hope this helps.
Glen Gray <glen netnoteinc com>
NetNote International

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