Re: nautilus newbie question

On Thu, 2003-01-23 at 07:10, Aschwin van der Woude wrote:
> Hi Paul,

Hi all,

> You are right! Nautilus is not a web-browser, and should probably never
> become one. Nautilus is a file-manager, and a good one at that IMHO.

Well, I would like to note that, there is a module called
nautilus-gtkhtml in the gnome cvs, which adds a view to nautilus, giving
it the ability to render and display HTML/web content.

So basically it was intended to be a file manager, but technically it IS
able to be used as a simple web browser if an appropriate view has been

Just to clarify what a view is: Galeon package may (hopefully will)
provide a nautilus view component, to give nautilus the ability to embed
galeon into a nautilus window, displaying specified web page.

BTW, galeon1 provided a nautilus-galeon-view for nautilus1. I'm not
really sure if galeon2 provides such a view for nautilus2.

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