Re: writing plugins for nautilus


On Sun, 2003-01-19 at 21:35, Fredrick Nilsson wrote:
> just some extra information: the thing that i would implement would be
> best described as a "view" (thanks bocata;). the view should represent the
> portage used in gentoo. that is, when the user hits "portage:" in the
> address field, all the portages are displayed, not as folders, but
> "something else" that you could right-click and view info, install,
> upgrade and so on.
looks like a good idea to me (also using gentoo)

but i think you can use the normal nautilus view (so only writting the
gnome-vfs module wouldn't be enough). You will also need to write your
own view - so take a look at something like the xml view for how to make


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