Re: writing plugins for nautilus

just some extra information: the thing that i would implement would be
best described as a "view" (thanks bocata;). the view should represent the
portage used in gentoo. that is, when the user hits "portage:" in the
address field, all the portages are displayed, not as folders, but
"something else" that you could right-click and view info, install,
upgrade and so on.

On Sun, 19 Jan 2003, Fredrick Nilsson wrote:

> hello!
> first of all, i havent developed anything for nautilus or gnome before, so
> bare with me. ive come up with a great idea which is based on building a
> plugin for nautilus.
> this, i imagine, would work something like this:
> 1. i enter 'something:' in the address field, and automatically, im
> transfered to a certain directory on disk.
> 2. in this directory, i will view folders as something else then folders.
> this means that i have to manipulate the way this is presented in
> nautilus. it would also be possible to right-click on the presented
> objects för further actions.
> now, this doesnt sound to advanced, and i guess that it would be a good
> first gnome programming task ;) the only problem is that im having a hard
> time finding some good documentation that would explain how something like
> this could be build. so if anybody has an idea over where i can find
> documentation regarding this, it would be most appriciated, or if someone
> had something else to comment about my little project, it would also be
> welcomed :)
> .b

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