Re: multi rooted tree sidebar

On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 06:07, Bastien Nocera wrote:

> The file selector doesn't need to be a monster of features. Just the
> ability to select a directory and a filename is more than enough for the
> Save part. 

Ok, this is one of gtk pet peeves so I will hit this.  I agree that
using the file manager for a fileselector widget is a bad idea. 
Something more slimmed down is needed.  Re-using some nautilus code to
create a new fileselector widget if that is possible might (notice I say
might) be a good thing depending on how it is done.

What in the world does a fileselector need is a whole other ball of
wax.  Keep it simple is good but there are certain good features of
certain fileselector widgets that must be considered.  

Shortcuts to the Desktop, or Home dir are good but you can add so many
shortcuts it gets silly (KDE anyone?).  I never knew how much it
mattered till I move to Gnome 2.0 from Ximian Gnome and kept looking for
the home icon to click when I went to save a file and the fileselector
was picking up my save location as another directory far away from

The other major feature that all decent fileselectors need is a proper
list view where you can sort files by name, size type, and date.  My
boss absolutely goes nuts over the fact he can not do this when he is
trying to find a file he wants to attach to an email of his from a large
shared directory he has samba mounted to his box.  

Johnathan Bailes <johnathan bailes esi baesystems com>

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