Re: multi rooted tree sidebar


On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 08:56, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Soeren Sonnenburg">
> > Can't nautilus be made to be the file selector ?
> No. Why would we use a file manager (designed for file management) as
> the file selector (designed for rapid access to files)?

	* code re-use of at least the following bits
		+ async architecture
		+ working tree view
		+ file/URI auto-completion [again async]
		+ working canvas emblem / icon rendering

	* GUI / interaction consistancy

	* Feature sharing (eg. filtering)

	* Oh and finally for performance, it's well worth considering 
	  the large icon cache that lives in the nautilus process, and
	  the cost of rendering an SVG icon/emblem.

>  The file selector needs to be changed at the GTK+ level -> see the
>  libegg module for work being done towards that end (though it may not
>  be accepted, it's up to Owen).

	Of course we need a decent API as well; IMHO that's a separate issue.



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