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On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 10:48, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Michael Meeks">
> > On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 08:56, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > > No. Why would we use a file manager (designed for file management) as
> > > the file selector (designed for rapid access to files)?
> <snip good reasons for using Nautilus bits>
> These are great reasons for reuse of Nautilus code in the file selector, but
> in response, I would like to play a somewhat controversial card: The file
> selector - especially the grossly over-featured horror we've seen in recent
> proposals - DOES NOT MATTER.
> We need a minimal, usable file selector, and a fast, efficient, kickarse
> file manager. That's all.
> This is a very similar problem to "why doesn't my window list work?" early
> on in the GNOME 2.0 process -> everyone whined that they wanted their fifty
> seven options back, but when the window list was finally fixed to behave
> properly, everyone was happy. The options were unnecessary.
> In this case, once Nautilus kicks yet more arse, no one will care about the
> file selector... because no one will use it. Trying to shoehorn a file
> manager into the file selector is ignoring the massive advantages a file
> manager has in speed, grokkability, access, usability, etc.
> Certainly, the file selector needs some usability love, integration with
> icon themes and vfs stuff, but that's pretty much it. Then we can dry the
> ink on the file selector history books, and move on.
> Let's make the file selector redundant, for the sake of the children!

In MacOS, in my experience, nobody uses the file selector to Open files
for a starter, and, personnally this time, I don't use it much to Save
files. Ie. I will download/save files to the desktop and move them

The file selector doesn't need to be a monster of features. Just the
ability to select a directory and a filename is more than enough for the
Save part. Opening a new window rather than a new application when one
double-clicks on a file in the file manager is something most of the
Gnome applications need fixed.


PS: CC: me, as I'm not on the list.
/Bastien Nocera

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