multi rooted tree sidebar

its me again ;-)

a screenshot is avaible at:

the source (compiled with nautilus 2.1.16 - but should also work with
later/prior versions - i think) at: - only copy the media.tgz
file into nautilus/components - unzip/tar it - mention the new
subdirectory in and then try to compile it (it should
compile i think).

At time it saves it states under:

where an key "count" is (these key gets monitored - when it change then
all running instances are reloading the config) - i think you have to
create this key by hand to get it working for the first time

and then there is:

0/uri - the gnome-vfs uri
0/display_name - the display name
... and so on - every new uri gets a new number

Add URI and Remove URI also working.

Try it and let me know what does not work or what should be done an
other way.

have a nice day


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