Re: Does nautilus hang if an NFS server is unreachable?

On Mon, 2003-02-24 at 18:20, Peter O'Shea wrote:
> Can accesses for other servers be put into separate threads, so that if
> a remote server goes down, the rest of nautilus is still active and I
> can use my own desktop?  

	They are already in separate threads. The problem is - that due to the
Unix API, it's not possible to know that a file is on a remote server -
without doing a blocking stat that kills the thread.

	So what you're really asking for - is for gnome-vfs to create (and
block) an unbounded number of threads in this situation - which will
have the effect of killing nautilus - and probably the machine.

> Fortunately, this has only happened (that I know of) once, and I've been
> using Nautilus since pre-1.0.  But it's sort of annoying to rely on the
> functioning of someone else's machine for me to be able to use my own
> (welcome to the world of NFS, I suppose).	

	Yes - kernel mode NFS is just like that.



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