Template system

We've actually decided to not add any more major features for 2.6 and
focus on polish and fixes since the API freeze, however the other day we
had a great idea when chatting on irc. It was just so cool that I had to
implement it.

So, basically its a way to create new files from the file manager. But
instead of a plugin system that gives you "New HTML document", "New SVG
document" and eternal problems with every app in the system installing
(possibly duplicated) document type plugins, we have a brutally simple,
but very easy to understand system where you just copy files to the
$HOME/Template directory (Locations -> Templates) and then you can go to
some directory and do "File -> Create Document -> Monthly Sales Report"
(or whatever document templates you normally to use).

We're aware of the i18n issues with hardcoding an english directory name
like that, however we've discussed this, and since we've already blown
this with ~/Desktop, and there are some solutions possible (.directory
files) we think that this is ok. Its also good for third party apps that
wants to access these directories, since the hardcoded names are easy to
find. There is also no need to have a Templates directory. Its not
created automatically (unless you go there with nautilus), and
everything works just fine without it, so the keep-homedir-clean people
should be fine with this.

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