What about these (old/annoying) bugs ?


I'm trying to make some cleanup in nautilus' bugzilla for 2 weeks. 
After having read most of the bugs reports, I've made a small list of
problems that seems to be annyoing for the users or staying for a

I don't know if this list could be usefull or not, but I'd appreciate to
have some nautilus devels' advices on the first point. 
The list has 2 categories, the first is about some bugs that need some
consideration (what to do in reaction of some actions), the second
contains only 'basic' bugs (no need to be analysed, just to be fixed)
... good start to make patchs for contributors :)

So here it is: 

1- Some points to be discussed :

* Trash:

- drag a device to the trash -> which action to do ? (umount/eject) ?
  bug: 115763

- limit the trash size (5/10% of the disk), ask to empty it if the disc
  is full..

  bug: 108413

- "delete" should not remove the trash ... right question: how to manage
  special icons on the desktop (volumes, trash)
  bug: 41850

* Icons:

- Should custom icon have 48x48 size, or preview's size ?
  bug: 107382

2- Some (annoying) bugs open for a while (will be nice to have them
fixed before nautilus 2.6) :

* Trash 

- Should be able to restore file out of the trash

- status of .Trash-user on mounted devices (zip, usb key, smb share ..) 
  + fam seems to monitor this dir and prevent the umount 
    bugs: 111501 122281 

* Desktop:

- DND a dir from a read only dir/media to the Desktop should be
  associated to copy, not move

  bug: 119467, 80694

* Copy:

- More information (time, speed)
  bug: 47898

* Labels:

- Should limite the text displayed below the icon (in icon view)
  bug: 84390

* Others:

- Should scroll to new item after a rename 
  bug: 48357

That's all for the moment :)

Sebastien Bacher

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