Re: Nautilus-SVN

On Sat, Aug 02, 2003 at 07:58:12PM -0700, Chris Campbell wrote:  
> >From that document I gleaned that I probably want to write a new
> NautilusView.  The document mentions that this is quite a lot of work,
> however, and I'm hoping that subclassing FMListView will save me some
> time.  (I will want to retain most of the FMListView functionality
> anyway, I think.)

I'm not an expert but my impression is that you can't really extend
the file view with third-party nautilus views, you can only replace
it. Which is sort of lame. So if I'm right about that you may have to
patch nautilus itself, rather than doing an add-on, since you
certainly want all the standard file manager behaviors for the CVS


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