Re: Detachable sidebar? [Was: [patch] emblem sidebar]

On Thu, 2002-09-26 at 20:05, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> This would tempt me into actually using the sidebar. ;-) Great stuff!
> I'd be even more tempted to use the sidebar if it wasn't a sidebar... If it
> were a special detachable tool window of its own. That would be cool. Is it
> a crack idea?
> - Jeff
I'm not so sure on a detachable sidepane although the thought had
crossed my mind more than a while ago, i think alex told me i was
smoking too much :) at the time though...

Heres another one of my cracked out ideas from bug 93697:

Create an emblems vfolder dir. Users could install emblems by dragging
and dropping or cut and pasting images into the vfolder. Any emblems
icons installed in the vfolder would than be available from any
folder/file's property window as in the current design. In addition a
user could drag and drop emblems from the emblems folder to an icon
using a right click drag,
there would be a menu option "set as emblem" (similar to "set as
background"). If a user context drag and droped any other image file on
icon and used "set as emblem," the image file would be added to the
emblems vfolder automagically.


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