Detachable sidebar? [Was: [patch] emblem sidebar]

<quote who="James Willcox">

> I've made a little sidebar thing that lets you drag emblem icons to
> files to set/unset the chosen emblem.  I'm not sure if it's the correct
> use of the sidebar, but I like it.  What do you guys think?

This would tempt me into actually using the sidebar. ;-) Great stuff!

I'd be even more tempted to use the sidebar if it wasn't a sidebar... If it
were a special detachable tool window of its own. That would be cool. Is it
a crack idea?

- Jeff

    "It's like having someone say to you, 'You should get back together     
     with your first wife. You guys were good together'. It's not that      
                  simple." - David Byrne on Talking Heads                   

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