Re: Bug when rename a file

tis 2002-09-03 klockan 17.59 skrev Rodier André:
> I use nautilus 2 in gnome 2 environement, on a debian Sid.
> I have found a bug (?) on nautilus :-(
> I need to rename lot of file, and I use keyboard, F2 key to start
> rename. I need always to capitalize a folder name, I use this keys :
> F2, to start rename,
> Begining of line and delete, to remove the first letter,
> Shift + the first letter, to capitalize.
> If I make this actions too fast (or when the focus is on the toolbar ?),
> nautilus remove the entire folder, not to the trash (because shift key)
> and the folder is irremedialy lost.
> Another question : How can I simply add context menu switch mime type of
> files, example : set as wallpaper when I click with right button on
> image files.
> Good work.

Have you reported this bug in GNOME Bugzilla
(, the GNOME bug tracking system?


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