Bug when rename a file

Hello !
I use nautilus 2 in gnome 2 environement, on a debian Sid.
I have found a bug (?) on nautilus :-(
I need to rename lot of file, and I use keyboard, F2 key to start
rename. I need always to capitalize a folder name, I use this keys :
F2, to start rename,
Begining of line and delete, to remove the first letter,
Shift + the first letter, to capitalize.
If I make this actions too fast (or when the focus is on the toolbar ?),
nautilus remove the entire folder, not to the trash (because shift key)
and the folder is irremedialy lost.
Another question : How can I simply add context menu switch mime type of
files, example : set as wallpaper when I click with right button on
image files.
Good work.

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