Re: Nautilus in 2.2

On Wed, 2002-09-18 at 13:29, Michael Meeks wrote:
> Hi Glen,
> 	Beyond that, I'm sure Alex/Dave can give you some idea of the features
> they're interested in. Ultimately though - no one is short of ideas for
> cool features, simply the time to hack them.
I was just wondering if this was documented anywhere so I could get a
feel of where things are going. As I said I know there where lots of
ideas for features and enchancements etc. on the run up to Gnome2.0 that
just couldn't be put into that release. 

> 	There are as many plans as hackers, but I imagine Alex/Dave have some
> coherent vision. It just sounds as if you want to badger them to
> implement your cool feature - sorry if that's not the case - it's really
> not a good idea. The best way is to send patches.

No, it's not the case. I know how it works :). As I said I wanted to get
an idea on the plans for Nautilus for 2.2, read a document if there was
one there, if not get people talking about etc. If there is stuff I can
do/help with then that would be great too. As it stands the only work I
know of is Alex's stuff on the icon factory.


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