Re: Nautilus in 2.2

Hi Glen,

On Wed, 2002-09-18 at 09:36, Glen Gray wrote:
> Good point. I think it would be good to have something similar, perhaps
> called a NEP :)

	The hackers will do what suits them and their needs best. If you have a
need no-one is meeting, learn to hack and meet it :-)

	Beyond that, I'm sure Alex/Dave can give you some idea of the features
they're interested in. Ultimately though - no one is short of ideas for
cool features, simply the time to hack them.

> Anyway, judging by the massive response to this email, I take it there
> isn't anything like this done ? There must be some plan for Nautilus
> features in Gnome 2.2 ?

	There are as many plans as hackers, but I imagine Alex/Dave have some
coherent vision. It just sounds as if you want to badger them to
implement your cool feature - sorry if that's not the case - it's really
not a good idea. The best way is to send patches.



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