Nautilus in 2.2

Hi Guys,

Good to be back on the list again. Since I've been off the list and out
of the loop for the last couple of months I may be asking a silly

Is there a gep for the features we want Nautilus to have for Gnome 2.2.
If not should we make one up. 

I'm asking this for two reasons. 
1) So I can catch up with what has been planned for. I know there where
a lot of requests that we simply couldn't do on the run up to the Gnome
2.0 release and we said we'd look that feature x for Gnome 2.y.
2) If there isn't I think it would be a good idea to do one so that
other people on the Gnome community can get involved in providing
feedback if they aren't subscribed to the list.


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