Re: Nautilus and tar.gz/tar.bz2

W liście z pią, 13-09-2002, godz. 00:43, Manuel Clos pisze: 
> Dave Bordoley wrote:
> > It's not my decision, but imho using file roller is the wrong solution.
> > To make archive handling in nautilus really useful users should be able
> > to treat archives like special folders. Users should be able to perform
> > any action they can on a regular folder upon an archive file. This would
> > include drag and dropping of files into the archive icon like you can
> > with folders, viewing archives as lists/icons etc, creating new archives
> > from the context menu (a new documents menu would be really cool).
> File roller can drag and drop files to/from an archive.

Thats not the point. Having vfs archive modules means that you can use
all nautilus features on archives without any changes to nautilus code.
Consistency is good. 

> > A file-roller view may be a good short term fix, but the real goal
> > should be imho seemless integration of archives into the file manager.
> With file roller you don't get only the tar.bz2 thing, but zip, rar, ...
> This will calm down people.

If you create vfs methods for all those formats, you can use simple
gnome-vfs api in all applications. For example future file selection
dialog would have ability to open files directly from archives. And
File-Roller could also use those methods to open and manipulate
archives. This is the point of using vfs for archives handling. Code for
archive handling in one place: vfs.

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