Re: Nautilus and tar.gz/tar.bz2

Hi Luca:

Luca Rosellini <luca rosellini libero it> said:

> Is there a way to make nautilus browse tar.gz and tar.bz2 files?
> I've compiled Gnome 2.0.0 and in gnome-vfs/modules there are bzip2-
method/gzip-method/tar-method but nautilus still tells:
> -
> Nautilus has no installed viewer capable of displaying "foo.tar.bz2".

Often requested feature that hasn't been implemented yet in nautilus 
(requires chain loading of URIs). It actually does work (i've seen 
screenshots at least) if you manually chain the uris in the location bar. 
Also I don't think the VFS method supports writing, only reading (but don't 
quote me on that). Anyway you can use file roller for the time being, it 
provides most of the needed functionality, and maybe someone will get around 
to fixing nautilus in the future.


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