Re: Why dont you guys ask the users what we want?

"unknown unknown" <segakid hotmail com> writes:
> Before you start on the OO interface redesign, why dont you discuss
> them in public on slashdot with the users?

Of course we should go out and figure out what users want and
need. But we have to be careful about how we figure it out.

A slashdot poll has two biases that make it extremely unscientific:

 - highly self-selected sample of highly atypical users

 - relies on conscious introspection instead of observation  

One wants to know what can be _observed_ and _measured_ to work better
for 99% of users, not what the .01% of technical users who read
slashdot _say_ works better.

By "unscientific" here I don't mean the /. poll might be slightly
wrong. I mean it might be completely and totally misleading.

It's fine to run a poll, as long as this grain of salt is involved.


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