Re: The future direction of the Nautilus UI)

Actually you can also start Windows Explorer with treeview etc by
holding down shift while clicking on a folder. Very nice touch.

- Kenneth

tor, 2002-09-05 kl. 04:16 skrev Daniel Borgmann:
> On Thu, 2002-09-05 at 05:17, bordoley msu edu wrote:
> > Well other than people are used to objects because they deal with them 
> > everyday, so most people will be accustom with the principle. 
> > 
> > Anyway seth's comments at the below link really best sum up the problems with 
> > the navigation UI.
> > 
> >
> This seems mostly anti-locationbar than anti-navigation model and that I
> would agree with. But so far I didn't see _any_ suggestion that even
> came close to the efficiency of the treeview. I really hoped that the
> future of Nautilus would concentrate more on the treeview to navigate a
> filesystem and "other things". 
> Now I wonder, can't "filebrowser" and "file objects" be used separately?
> AFAIK this is how Windows works. When you click an object on your
> desktop for example, you simply get an object view window of it. But if
> you specifically launch the file browser ("Windows Explorer") you get a
> "real" application with convenient treeview on the left (showing nodes
> for "my computer", "network neighbourhood", etc), some navigation and
> all content is shown in the same window. When opening something in a new
> window, it could spawn a new "object view window". 
> This would basically mean, if Nautilus is launched specifically as
> application, it is shown with all toolbars, convenient tree and toolbar
> navigation, etc. But if Nautilus is opened by clicking a desktop icon or
> by opening "something" in a new window, it gets a very window that is
> mostly only a container. So we would have an "objectmode" and a
> "browsermode". 
> The locationbar could be optional/toggable in browsermode, once the zoom
> and view controls are moved over. 
> Computer beginners would never have to launch the file browser explicity
> if they don't want to be exposed to the entire filesystem, but it would
> still be there as a convenience for users who are more efficient with it
> at least for certain tasks. It would also have other advantages, like
> the possibility to scrap several options (as people would already decide
> on a preference when launching either the filebrowser or a file object)
> and I believe that it would even be easier to implement right now than a
> complete and absolute conversion to OO (because Nautilus can already do
> most of this with preferences). Also it wouldn't piss off people. ;)
> What do you think about this? And yes, I know that you said that OO
> windows could also have treeviews but I don't think that's the same.
> - Daniel
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