Re: The future direction of the Nautilus UI)

I'm sorry but I disagree.  Each persons brain works in a certain way and
it doesn't matter whether they are a home/office user or a hacker. 
Those of type A will understand the Nav model quite nicely and those of
type B will understand the OO model.

Certainly given that the web is a Nav model many type B people will also
clue into the Nav model.

On Wed, 2002-09-04 at 14:50, bordoley msu edu wrote:
> One last thing and I'll quick babiling on this.
> I think the single most important question we need to ask when making this 
> decision is "Who is our intended user base?" Without answering this I think 
> it is next to impossible to make a decision on this issue. 
> Hackers:
> For hackers the browser ui is more than satisfactory since they are familiar 
> with the unix directory hierarchy. However hackers could probably be just as 
> satisfied with MC or even the shell.
> Home and Office Users (non-technical):
> This is the group where a OO design would probably be the most beneficial. 
> This group of users has minimal computer skills/background, and is most 
> likely not interested in understanding the internals of the computer, they 
> just want to get their work done as easily as possible.
> dave 
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