Re: [Usability]Re: PATCH: Bug 82107, Turn off nautilus sidebar and location bar by default

Seth Nickell <snickell stanford edu> wrote:
> Also, FWIW, ctrl-l's behavior is very convinent. You press it and it
> starts with the location bar text highlighted. You type what you want,
> and when you press enter it magically disappears again.

Btw: the last time I checked there was one minor (and fixable) glitch with
this behavior.  The problem is: when you hit ctrl-l and before hitting
<enter> change your mind and go somewhere else (using tab or the mouse),
you are left with a location bar that you have to manually turn off again.

If this has not recently been fixed and there is neither a bug-report
about this then I'll happily take care of the latter myself :)


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