Re: [Usability]Re: PATCH: Bug 82107, Turn off nautilus sidebar and location bar by default

Hi Seth et al.,

> Try looking at a simple *path* without familiarity blinders on. Paths
> are pretty archane! WTH does "/" or "\" mean? Now look at a URI. Worse,
> much worse. Now we have a bizarre little "protocol handler" at the
> front. Plus making people learn paths/URIs is totally unnecessary. MacOS
> just provides a nice proof-of-concept that this is true....I bet most
> MacOS users (or even most of you) don't know what the path seperator
> character is in MacOS.

Could not resist bitting into this... :-)

For those curious, the Mac OS "Classic" path separator character is ":".
X changed it to a UNIX "/", of course, but, in order to support Seth's
comment, have you heard of any Mac OS X user being angry of it? Or even
noticing the change?



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