Re: PATCH: Bug 82463


On Sun, 2002-09-01 at 21:36, Seth Nickell wrote:
> If opening new windows is an important/common operation the existing
> system is *excellent*. Odds are good that the mouse will already be over
> blank space, and if its not blank space is a large target area. After
> that its a single right click and let up and a new window has been
> opened. The most common non-object specific action should be at the top
> of the right click menu, and my guess would be that this is "New
> Window".

You are right but, as Dave B. said in his first message, there is also a
problem with the name of the action. It says "New Window" but, what kind
of window?

If the default action is assumed to be that (not that I agree but that
is another matter) then at least a rewording should be considered. It
should be called "Open Home Folder" for clarity.

Besides that, double clicking the desktop should also open the home
folder for consistency. And that would be, to say the least, rather
weird. I'm sure that some people would *love* it, though, but... eek!

"New Terminal", on the other hand, is an example of a power user feature
that only makes sense to power users (like me, sadly). I think this one
do has to go.

Its placement in the desktop menu doesn't makes sense except to old
timers--TWM, Motif and OpenLook users. It is not an especially easy to
acquire target. Panel launchers are quicker and they are "fittier" since
GNOME 1.4.

So power users already have the possibility of setting up a launcher for
their terminals; by removing the desktop menu entry we aren't removing a
feature. Is there anybody out there not launching their terminals from a
panel or from window manager key bindings?

Let me state that, personally, I totally agree with Daniel Bordoley and
Calum Benson on this question. My opinion is that "New Window" should be
removed. Contextual menus are for contextual actions and "New Window" is
not an expectable desktop action for the user.

Thus, I think the patch should be accepted to enforce consistency.

My .02 



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