Re: desktop font + PATCH for 82565

> Great work Frank!

Thanks a lot. :)

> You should use get_default_zoom_level instead of eel_preferences_get_enum
> (actually, if the auto value were setup like it is in the list view then
> you could remove get_default_zoom_level altogether and just use
> default_zoom_level_auto_value directly)

Good call, the auto value is there so I will use that.

> It seems like a bad idea to add another argument here; how is the caller
> supposed to know if the font table should be updated?  I think it would be
> better if you compared new_level with view->details->zoom_level and if
> they're not equal then update the font table.

I'm not sure if that does the trick. But I will rethink the way I did

> This doesn't really matter much since all we care about is how it looks
> but FYI each PANGO_SCALE is different by a factor of 1.2 (e.g.

I see, yes that makes sense. I fix that up properly. 

> Nice Frank!  I've been looking for this function (it is also needed in
> when we change to single click activation mode).

Is it really ok to use that function though? Doesn't it indicate a bug
in the tree view if it doesn't automatically update itself?

- Frank

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