Runaway Nautilus

Running latest Ximian-Gnome on RH7.1 with all
updates. I've been using Nautilus for a while, and
always been an decent desktop solution. However,
recently, I've noticed system freezes occuring often.
I've noticed that Nautilus consistently takes up at
least 20% of the CPU, forcing X to take just as much,
while doing absolutely nothing. I haven't done an
strace on it so I don't know if it's looping while
looking at certain files that are "corrupt" (i.e.
incompatible between versions, I had gmc crash on me
for this very reason once) or any other similar
Now, I know that eventually, Nautilus takes up all the
CPU resources since nothing I do seems to affect the
system apart from rebooting. Tried telneting from
systems, tried going to a pseudo-terminal (C-A-F1 to
F6) with no reaction. Mouse won't move either, and
C-A-BS doesn't kill X.

Anyone have any idea on what I need to do to track and
solve this problem? I may try strace pretty soon, but
I'd rather ask first if this is something other people
have seen and quickly solved.



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