Re: Runaway Nautilus

Are you referring to 1.0.6, or the gnome2 snapshots (1.1.x)? If it's a
gnome2 issue, please file a bug so we can try to figure out what's going
on. If it's a 1.0.6 issue, odds are it's been fixed in the gnome2 code,
so I'd recommend either taking the plunge and trying the gnome2 betas,
or holding off for a bit and upgrading when gnome2 comes out. There's
been some discussion on and off about releasing another in the 1.0.x
branch, but no one's had the time to do so, and I doubt it will ever
happen, especially as the gnome2 branch is vastly improved over the
1.0.x branch.

On Mon, 2002-05-27 at 12:07, Emmanuel Gravel wrote:
> Running latest Ximian-Gnome on RH7.1 with all
> RedCarpet
> updates. I've been using Nautilus for a while, and
> it's
> always been an decent desktop solution. However,
> recently, I've noticed system freezes occuring often.
> I've noticed that Nautilus consistently takes up at
> least 20% of the CPU, forcing X to take just as much,
> while doing absolutely nothing. I haven't done an
> strace on it so I don't know if it's looping while
> looking at certain files that are "corrupt" (i.e.
> incompatible between versions, I had gmc crash on me
> for this very reason once) or any other similar
> issues.
> Now, I know that eventually, Nautilus takes up all the
> CPU resources since nothing I do seems to affect the
> system apart from rebooting. Tried telneting from
> other
> systems, tried going to a pseudo-terminal (C-A-F1 to
> F6) with no reaction. Mouse won't move either, and
> C-A-BS doesn't kill X.
> Anyone have any idea on what I need to do to track and
> solve this problem? I may try strace pretty soon, but
> I'd rather ask first if this is something other people
> have seen and quickly solved.
> Thanks!
> Emmanuel
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