Re: [Usability]Re: `New' sub-menu in desktop's rightclick-menu

Seth Nickell wrote:

> > Is there an official statement anywhere as to who GNOME's audience
> > is, or who GNOME's audiences are? I seem to hear at least three
> > different arguments on this list: GNOME is for free software hackers;
> > GNOME is for ex-Windows uers; GNOME is for the several billion people
> > out there who have not yet had any exposure to computers.
> No. I've been trying to get people to the point that they will agree on
> an audience because its hard for me to design when I don't know who I'm
> designing for. I don't tihnk we can straddle all three categories well.

Sun of course has a decent idea of who its customers are, and has done a
number of interviews with them to find out what they expect from a
desktop... I dunno how much of that we'd be able to release for public
consumption, but I could find out.  

Obviously that would only constitute a subset of the GNOME target
audience (and in some cases it would probably be tangential to the
existing one), and it would be folly to think about *only* those users
when designing new stuff, much as Sun marketing would love you to :o) 
But even if it made people think about a different type of user they
hadn't thought about before, it might be a start.


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