Re: `New' sub-menu in desktop's rightclick-menu

> > > New terminal is a very often requested and used piece of functionallity.
> > > The goal of Nautilus is to make it usable, not easy-to-learn because it
> > > doesn't let you do anything. We must accept that Unix is Unix, and there
> > > will always be things that are better of done in a terminal.
> >
> > While I agree with you that "New terminal" is probably a useful feature
> > for many users and most likely should be kept, I don't understand your
> > other comments at all.
> >
> In this case, a terminal is an important part of Unix. And being able to
> easily get a terminal is therefore important for people working in a Unix
> environment.

I just have one question. Why is this the job of Nautilus? Isn't this the
job of the GNOME panel (easy access to applications)?

IMHO if people need the terminal (which, granted, most of the people I
know do), I think the GNOME Panel is the correct way of providing that
functionality. If people want faster access, I think a keyboard-shortcut
would be the correct way.
Since total newbies, probably shouldn't have to do anything in a terminal,
having it as part of the file-manager shell feels like crack.

A keyboard shortcut, I think, would satisfy both the "UNIX-user" and the
"don't care about UNIX, but like GNOME-user".


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